Schedule a Photoshoot at Bramble’s Edge Farm!

We encourage photographers of all skill sets to join us for photoshoots. Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned photographer, we invite you to visit us and capture that special moment in our seasonal flower fields or during colder months for some festive winter fun!

Bramble’s Edge flowers make a perfect backdrop with gorgeous pops of color for engagements, weddings, family photos, senior pictures, holiday cards, or really any occasion to celebrate. Note: Bramble’s Edge does not provide photography services. Please set up a time, bring your photographer, and enjoy our beautiful farm as your background. Schedule a photoshoot with us today!

In addition to a variety of accolades, Bramble’s Edge Farm has been featured by amazing local photographers including:

Jennifer Ruggles

Jesse Jamerson

Kasey Candea-Kromm

Mary Basgall of Zinnia Images


Stacey Lou

Want to submit your own images from a photoshoot? Please visit our gallery page!


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