Pick Your Own Flowers, Herbs, Mint, Berries & Pumpkins

We invite you to come and personalize your own pick of farm-fresh products at Bramble’s Edge during spring and summer! We’ll give you a pair of sheers and you collect your own herbs, mint, flowers, berries, pumpkins. You may also pick your own produce! Pricing varies.

bramble's edge farm near rose hill ksFlowers: Bramble’s Edge Farm prides itself in providing a wide variety of flowers from spring until the first hard frost of fall. Come create your own custom bouquet for just $6 for up to 12 stems. $10 for more than 12 stems. We provide packs of flower food, paper, and plastic sleeves for free. We also have vases of all sizes to purchase.

Herbs/Mint: Bramble’s Edge Farm has one of the only you-pick options for herbs and mint. $2/paper bag. We grow popular herbs and a good variety of mint.

Berries: Our berry plants are still young, but we will be offering raspberries, blackberries, and currant in the near future. The raspberries are fall-bearing plants.

Pumpkins: One of our favorite market days is Pumpkin Day! There is no cost to come to the farm to pick pumpkins. We have sheers and wagons available for kids to ride in and choose their pumpkins. We grow giants as well as Jack-Be-Little pumpkins that are about the size of an adult’s palm and everything in between.

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